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Physical Gift Cards



Would you like to send your Digital Gift Card to someone in the post like the one in the picture ?

What do you have to do ?

After you have purchased your digital gift card just purchase a physical gift card for every gift card that you would like sent in the mail and write a message that you would like printed on the back (160 characters maximum) 

*Once you make a purchase you will receive a digital gift card in your email but it will not be active once we have setup your physical gift card.

What do we do ?

After a gift card has been purchased we will print out your message and make a gift card for the amount you have chosen on the gift card page. This gift card will then go into a red envelope and go out on the very next mail truck.

In addition to this we will send you a second digital gift card to replace the first one with the new gift card code on it. This will be active and can be given to the recipient if they lose their physical gift card in the future.

How do they redeem it ?

At the checkout there is a space to enter your unique code that once redeemed will go towards the cost of the items in your cart. If the cost is more or less than the gift card you can pay the difference or use the remaining amount at a later date. Our gift cards do not have an expiry date on them.

If you would like to add a 'Don't Open Until' Sticker to the envelope click on this link to add one for free

If you have any questions get in contact with us and we'll get right back to you.

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