FAQ - Blind Date with a Book

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FAQ - Blind Date with a Book

Who chooses the Blind Date books ?

The books are hand selected by Elizabeth's Bookshop in Australia.

Do we ship internationally ?

Yes we do.

What type of books are they ?

The books are hand selected great reads in new condition and are, chosen from all genres including classics, thrillers, mysteries, romances, science fiction, adventure, and literary fiction.

Why can't I buy more than one of a particular book ?

Some of the Blind Date books are unique so there is actually only one copy.

To be alerted when new Blind Date books are released, sign up to our Instagram @ablinddatewithabook or the alert mail at the bottom of the page

Will you tell me the title/author of a particular Blind Date book ? 

No. That would spoil the surprise !


What payment method can I use ? 

At the checkout Paypal, major credit cards and Bitcoin are available.
Where is the Custom Blind Date with a Book ?
Our custom Blind Date with a Book is currently undergoing some restructuring but will return in the future. A completely customised book can still be ordered through Elizabeth's Bookshop.
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