FAQ - Blind Date with a Book

FAQ - Blind Date with a Book

What is a Blind Date with a Book ?

A Blind Date with a Book is a hand wrapped book, carefully curated from a wide range of popular genres that is tagged with intriguing clues alluding to the book inside.

Who chooses the books ?

The books are hand selected by staff from Elizabeth's Bookshop.

Do we ship internationally ?

Yes we do.

What type of books are they ?

The books are hand selected great reads and are chosen from all genres including classics, thrillers, mysteries, romances, science fiction, adventure, and literary fiction. 

The books we currently have on offer are for mature readers and if you are wondering if content of a book is suitable for the intended reader, let us know your concerns from the contact page and we will help you out.

I'm ordering this as a present for somebody, can I include a message with my Blind Date with a Book ?

Of course!  Messages are written on an extra manilla tag and attached to the book with the regular Blind Date with a Book tag. The space is relatively small so we  can fit about 7-10 words on there neatly. Just let us know in the space provided when viewing your cart.

Do you sell gift cards ?

Yes we do. Click here to find out more. If you have a special Gift Card request let us know and hopefully we can help out.

Why can't I buy more than one of a particular book ?

Some of the Blind Date books are unique so there is actually only one copy.

To be alerted when new Blind Date books are released, sign up to our Instagram @ablinddatewithabook or the alert mail at the bottom of the page

Will you tell me the title/author of a particular Blind Date book ? 

No. That would spoil the surprise !

My book is a gift please don't put a receipt inside! 

Because people love to send a Blind Date with a Book as a present we do not put an invoice in any of our packages as standard practice. All receipts are sent by email to the address of the person who purchased the gift. If you require a copy of the receipt contact us as at info@blinddatewithabook.com and we will happily send you a new one.

Where is the website based ?

Our website is based in the UK as the shipping charges for our customers are a lot cheaper. It used to be based in Fremantle, Australia but the shipping times are slow and the charges kept on rising with Australia Post.

What payment method can I use ? 

At the checkout Paypal and most credit cards are accepted.

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