Blind Date with a Book Club

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  • Blind Date with a Book Club
  • Blind Date with a Book Club
  • Blind Date with a Book Club - Blind Date with a Book
  • Blind Date with a Book Club
  • Blind Date with a Book Club - Blind Date with a Book
  • Blind Date with a Book Club
  • Blind Date with a Book Club - Blind Date with a Book
  • Blind Date with a Book Club

Blind Date with a Book Club

£54.99 GBP

Destination Country

 Welcome to the Blind Date with a Book Club! Every month for six months we will send you a different book based on the styles and genres that you are interested in. You can subscribe for yourself or gift a subscription to a friend or loved one.

Don't forget to add your message and a 'Don't Open Until' Sticker to your gift.

How does this work ?

When you subscribe to the Blind Date with a Book Club we will send you a different Blind Date once a month for six months.

 When will the first book be sent out ?

The next shipping day is July 2nd, 2019.

You can choose to have your Book Club start on this day or if you would like to start the subscription as soon as possible, just check that option above.

Oh no! I just missed the next shipping day.

Don't worry, order it today and check the asap button on this page and we will ship it out asap.

How long will it take to arrive ?

Delivery times depend on where you are in the world. The best way to find out is to check out our shipping page.

Can I track my books ?

The parcels can either be sent without requiring a signature or tracking which is perfect for presents or unexpected deliveries. However, for an extra £10 you can opt to have a tracking option but it may require a signature on delivery.

Can I choose which genre of book I get ? 

All you have to do is select 5 or more genres that you would be interested in receiving as a Blind Date with a Book. For example you might choose to only have romance, crime, horror and sci-fi and fantasy books sent you or you might decide you want a chance at everything. We will then only send you books from the genres you have pre-selected.

This is a gift! Can I include a note with the first book ?

Definitely. Just add a message card using this link with what you would like written and we will add it to the first Blind Date with a Book that we send out. You can also add a sticker to the front of the package letting them know when to open it.

I have my own book club, can I make sure we get the same book ?

For sure! We already send to book clubs around the world. The best way to ensure this is to give your book club a name and then anyone wanting to join that book club can let us know that name when they place their order.

 Do you have a certificate I can print out to give to my loved ones while they wait for the first book ?

For sure. Click here to download a certificate that explains the Book Club.   
For international orders, books can be tracked using PostNord. Books sent within the UK are sent using Royal Mail and a delivery is confirmed once it is has arrived.
Can I change my selection or my address ?
Sure! Just email us at and let us know the changes you would like to make. If it is a gift and you would like the first book shipped to you and then the remainder of the subscription shipped to someone else, that's fine. 
Will I be recharged automatically ?
No, subscriptions are not renewed automatically. 
Can I send this as a Gift Card and let them do all the choosing ?
You can choose a gift card with the exact amount for the right Book Club depending on which country you want them sent to. You will be sent a link to the gift card of that amount to your email and the link to this Book Club page so that they can fill in their details. Head over to the Gift Card page to do this. 
If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.